Business Spotlight

Chamber members, drawn at random, are highlighted in free monthly columns produced by the Chamber and the Sylvania Telephone.

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And now, this month’s spotlight….

Business: Georgia Lawn Care

Owner: Will Zeigler

Address: P.O. Box 2068, Sylvania, Ga 30467

Phone: 912.564.7541





Chamber Questions:

What services/products do you offer the public?

Georgia Lawn Care provides its customers with numerous services, including but not limited to, lawn care maintenance, irrigation install and repair, flower and plant install, mulching services, tree removal and grinding, grading, excavating and much more.


Why did you join the Screven County Chamber of Commerce?

We joined the Chamber in order to create more brand awareness of our services to local consumers. The Chamber of Commerce provides its members with networking opportunities that allow us to reach a broader range of customers that we may not reach otherwise.


How has being a Chamber member helped your business?

Being a member of the chamber is helpful to our business in that we are able to work beside like-minded business owners that we can support, and in return are able to support us. Being a chamber member also helps us to grow our business brand awareness to individuals who live in our community but may not know who we are.


Why should businesses join the Chamber of Commerce?

Joining the Chamber of Commerce is a good idea for any local business, no matter how big or small, because it offers a community of different types of businesses and business owners who all have their own thoughts, ideas and knowledge of running a business.  It’s great to be able to see how someone else may do something that you don’t already do and you can take that tool and implement it in your own business to be more productive and lucrative.


How do you ensure quality in your work?

It takes a lot of communication on all parts to ensure quality in our work. It takes good communication from me, my employees, and our customers in order to give and receive feedback and see our work through.


What’s the most innovative idea you’ve adopted from a suggestion by an employee or customer?

A customer once told me I work too hard. He told me that “there is more money in saving money than making money.” I really took that conversation to heart and I remember sitting down and really focusing on how I can make my business more cost effective while still providing a superior service to my customers.


What makes for a great day at your business?

A great day for us is when everything runs smoothly and efficiently. No business is without the typical mishap or mess up but we use each occurrence as a way to teach us how we can learn from it and what changes need to be made to help us to grow into a more proficient team.



Why should people support local business owners?

Local businesses are the bread and butter of your community. When you live in a community as small as Sylvania it’s even more important.  It’s important to encourage and support your local business owners in order for them to succeed.


What inspires you to walk through the door at Georgia Lawn Care every morning?

Creating stability for my family and employees’ futures as well as a second-to-none service for my customers.


What’s the most difficult moment/challenge you’ve faced in your business?

Keeping the proper employees in the right positions to run effectively and fluently.



What is the best business advice you’ve ever received?

Being told no! Or that I couldn’t do something. It encourages me to do more and work that much harder.


What is the biggest advantage of being a business owner in Screven County?

I don’t really consider this as an advantage but more of a privilege that we have enough local customers who support our business on a day to day basis.


What are your current projects or goals in your business?

A business itself is a continuous project. Our ultimate goal always is to fulfill our weekly schedules. With so much to do we are always working to strive to be more responsive to new customers and their needs.


Is there anything about your business that you feel citizens don’t realize, but should be aware of?

I think that because we don’t have a typical store front like most businesses that our range of products and services we provide can sometimes go unnoticed. We strive to create more awareness in our community about who we are and what we do through advertisement, referrals and community outreach.